Celtic Skulls

Celtic Skulls and (or Heads in common) have great significance and traditional value in Celtic Culture. Celts were very much drawn to the notion of openings and show great interest in things having them like doorways, gateways etc.

The Human skull has five openings with two eyes, two nose cavities, and one mouth, thus a special interest to Celtics.

Also, the number five was believed to have magical properties according to Celtic Mythology.

Practically, there are only three major holes in the skull (two eyes, one mouth) such that it was a considered to be a sacred number in their Mythology.

When these three points (two eyes and one mouth) are connected, they come up with an Upside –down triangle that represent popular Celtic theme – TRINITY.

The TRINITY symbolizes Celtics’ way of binding concepts and ideology together to originate something new.

Celts believe the three openings in skull represent Magic, Creation and Transformation that endlessly happen across life.

Triad/Trinity Symbolic Meanings

  • Transition
  • Magic
  • Creation
Celtic Skulls

When these three elements of life are put together, formation of strong and productive energy takes place such that these mystical forces unite and  an energetic apperance of great omen is originated.

Celtic culture also had strong relations with the circle.

Since the head (and celtic skulls) are naturally circular in shape as well as the eyes. So this depicts cyclical nature of life and also of the feeling of togetherness in our communities.

In addition to these beliefs, the Oracle shape of eyes and mouth of skull represent or viewed as gateways for receiving knowledge. Everything that we see comes through our eyes, and thus depict our strongest method of learning and accepting knowledge that we the humans naturally posses.

Celtic skulls are magnificent and symbols of boundless power  in this omnipresent cyclical nature of life, the eternal and infinite, and the entrances that permits us to rejoin with the spirits.

Additionally, skulls symbolized our impression of time, the State of divinity and deity that exists in the universe, and our origination into the eternity and afterlife.

Celtic Skulls
Celtic Skulls
Celtic Skulls