Feng Shui Dragon Statue in Your Home

A Dragon is snake like creature that has reptilian traits.
All around the world, Dragons and other animals have special and deeper spiritual significance in various different cultures and religions.
In Asian Countries, Dragons are associated with Nature, Religion and Universe.
In Feng shui, the dragon is influential and sacred symbol which is believed to create precious celestial Chi bringing strength, power and good destiny into our homes and workplaces.

Feng Shui Dragon

Dragons guard our homes and surround us with a protective energy. Also, a crystal or a pearl in the Feng shui dragon’s claw accounts for wealth, power and amplitude of opportunities.

Feng Shui dragons are available in different sizes with variations in color and materials

Feng Shui Dragon – LOCATION

Feng Shui Dragon
  • Place a dragon Statue in the Work Area, or the East of your home attracts success and wealth and positive energy.
  • Wherever you place dragons provide very auspicious energy they can personify any element, mainly water or fire, and are most powerful when placed on the East of your Home.
  • Placing a Feng shui dragon in your love and relationships area also brings good luck and attraction for love.
  • Try choosing the color or the material that matches your objectives as well as area of concern in the home that needs enhancement.
  • The best colors for dragons are red (the color of fire), turquoise (the color of water) and gold.
  • Also, a green dragon is an excellent Feng shui cure for the East – health Feng shui bagua area – of your home and a golden dragon is Feng shui cure for abundance and wealth.


Feng Shui Dragon

Feng Shui Dragon- POSITIONING

Feng Shui Dragon
  • Feng shui recommends to not placing your dragon statute too high that is not too high above the eye level.
  • Try to avoid placing the Feng shui dragon in areas of lower-energy in your house such as the bathroom, the garage or the closets.
  • Always treat your Dragon statue with respect as they are considered as powerful and magical creatures whose potent energy can go in either way.
  • Avoid having too many dragons in your home
  • According to Feng Shui, Maximum number of dragons to be placed in your house is five.

Feng Shui Dragon – ADVICE

Feng Shui Dragon
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