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Moon Goddess with a Crescent Moon

From the ancient times, many religions have their different connections with the Crescent moon. Some consider it as a symbol of virginity, while others associate it as a sign of fertility, related to life and death.
It also depicts changing seasons and the feminine menstrual cycle.

The Crescent Crowned Moon Goddess is an epitome of the divine feminine power on Earth.


In Ancient times, Herm is a term associated with sacred object made of stone. Later on, it gradually evolved as an epitome of religious God and Goddesses.
Actually Herm or Hermes is Olympian Greek Gods, who are believed to be originated by themselves as a form of God pan. (God of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds and rustic music, and companion of the nymphs)


So, the Statue of Moon Goddess Herm, is also designed in the form of herm with a crescent moon on middle of her head .This crescent-crowned Goddess concept is featured prominently in the Pagan religion.
Therefore, This Moon Goddess is believed to have this rustic character from the ancient Pagan Goddess.

The base of this statue features the words “I evoke the dark sacred night” depicting the lunar nature of the Goddess. These lines are also written or engraved on most of the feminine deities in Pre –Christian European Paganism.

The rooted and primal nature of this statue represents the venerated goddess and personal patroness.
This deity is also linked to nature, religion, celestial and underworld creatures.

The crescent moon is also being considered as a lunar symbolism of astronomical nature of the Moon Goddess.

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