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Porcelain Bottles

Miniature Porcelain Bottles Collections

While bottles were originally made up of ceramic. It have been used for around thousand of years. At this stage, the development of porcelain was new. It is made from clay which has paste like quality and can be fired at high temperatures. It was first invented in china in 1300s in white color, glass like substance which was later given a name of porcelain bottles.
When Europeans encountered Chinese ceramic ware, they were shocked by its delicate beauty. Europeans sought-after to breed the technique, however China managed to guard the secrets of the way to produce it well. Eventually, Europeans learned several of the Chinese techniques, however they still encountered production issues due to the shortage of an important ingredient. Kaolin, a key element of kaolin, had to be imported for experiments, as a result of it appeared to solely exist in China.

Porcelain Bottles

Decorate with a Display of Miniature Porcelain Bottles

Without easy accessibility to porcelain clay, Europeans smartly sought-after to make their own instruction for a kaoline compound like the standard of that imported from China. They experimented with many various substances, as well as fine glass particles. Several of those experiments resulted in several sorts of soft paste ceramic ware.

This is where some confusion concerning the terms arises. Ceramic ware is technically a particular style of ceramic, extremely prized for its several fine qualities, however is reproducible in several areas of the globe with solely variable degrees of success. Thus, ceramics that aim to attain a similar level of quality as ceramic ware is also spoken as ceramic ware, though they are not technically qualify. True ceramic ware can typically accompany a certification for that reason.


Translucent to some degree
Allowing vague shadows to be seen through it
Generally white, grey or cream colored
Thinner with more delicate appearance.
Watertight without glaze.
Surface is very smooth
Allows for intricate fine details.

Porcelain Bottles

Porcelain Bottles

Porcelain Bottles

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