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Japanese Netsuke - Sleeping Cat

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Ancient Japanese kimonos were pocket-less. For more than 300 years, Netsuke was used as tools to carry external pouches. A Netsuke would be attached to one end of a string, and pouch to the other. The string and external pouch would then be tucked under an obi, or kimono belt, leaving the Netsuke to act as a toggle on the other end - preventing the string and weighted pouch from falling to the ground. Over time, Netsuke stopped being purely functional and evolved into intricate accessories reflective of ones social status. Today, these beautiful miniatures remain a popular collectors item for their symbolism and uniqueness. Share the intrigue, celebrate the culture and history behind Japanese Netsuke. Each historically accurate Netsuke comes packaged in a high quality velvet bag and box, with a descriptive story card.

Dimensions:  1.5" x 1.25"