11 Feng Shui home Decorating Tips

11 Feng Shui home Decorating Tips

If you are thinking to renovate, reorganize and customize your house with a little Feng Shui, Here are 11 Feng Shui home decorating tips to bring more positive and good energy to your house.

If your house seems boring to you, Incorporate Feng Shui in home and have abundance of good and positive “chi “

Feng Shui has some design principles for different rooms and areas which when followed, creates a “happy living environment “in your house.  


wind chime


The entry door is the first and last thing you encounter when coming or going from your home.The screechy sound that comes when closing or opening your entry gate can affect your mood and your well-being.

To avoid that , apply oil to that door hinge and let more positive energy enter your house and energise your surroundings. It’s also helpful to oil any other door hinges throughout the home, but the entry door is the most important.

Or you just redesign your old door with a new hardware or a coat of paint.

Hang a metallic, ceramic or wooden wind chime at the entry gate of your house brings in positive energy to house.

Green Buddha

2.Feng Shui Plants in your house

Since the current home design trends 2017 focuses more on the greenery in the house.

Place Green plants in your house to spaces to re – decor as well as bring in positive chi in your house.

Many houseplants are helpful in removing harmful pollutants from the air found in our buildings, furniture, and even clothing.

Try placing Green plants like Bamboo, orchids and Golden Pathos in dead corners and areas bring in Feng Shui luck and good fortune.

Bring in more vibrant energy to your house by adding plants to a space such that they can heal us visually and physically.Also their natural green tones are relaxing and therapeutic. Infuse some positive energy into your home and adopt a houseplant.

Feng Shui fountain

3.Feng Shui Fountain

When designing your entry area of house, try placing a feng shui Fountain near the entry of your home.Feng Shui fountain symbolize water which in turn accounts for wealth in your house.



4.Position of your Bed:

The head of the bed should be connected to the wall farthest from the door but not directly across from it

5.Adequate Lighting :

Light is very important in creating home with balanced chi .Design your house in a way to get more of natural light enter your house .Or you can use Table lamps, floor lamps or nightstands to décor and maintain proper full spectrum lighting in your Bedroom.



Feng Shui home decorating tips

6.Feng Shui adjustment:

If there are vacant spaces in your kitchen, Place some lighting, green plants beautiful and loved Feng Shui objects in this location.

These objects bring life to this area and convert the energy.

7.Kitchen Windows:

Keep your Kitchen Windows always clean.

Hang Feng Shui crystals made of faceted lead crystals either in specific feng shui corners of your home or in a window. Most often these feng shui crystals come with a red string, as well as in a variety of sizes.

When sunlight passes though these feng shui crystals hang through the Window, beautiful play of rainbow colors and lights in home is created, which sure brings excellent feng shui energy.

red crystal ball


8.Feng Shui Animals

In Feng Shui , Dragon is a symbol of wealth, power, and abundance. Placing a dragon symbol in living room eliminates negative chi in the spaces .

Other Feng Shui animals like Turtle( longevity, support, and protection) or Foo Dogs(Lions) for Home and domain protection.

9.Clean and Clutter :Free living room is the foundation of good Feng Shui.

10.Mirrors and Light : Make sure your room gets natural light and refreshing air in your room. Or you do place mirrors to reflect lights in room and also layer indoor lights. Feng Shui Crystals do the same work as mirrors.

11.Laughing Buddha :Laughing is a Feng Shui cure for Goodluck Abundance,happiness , success and good health.

Dragon statue
Laughing Buddha
Green Lion Statue
Feng Shui Turtle
Red Buddha

Feng Shui is all about creating and maintaining a balance between negative & positive chi in your House. Follow these 11 Feng Shui home decorating tips to re – decor your dream house done by www.primedb.co that take people seriously and get more conscious about how to use and relate to the space they are living in.


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