8 Places to Hang Feng Shui Wind Chimes


Feng Shui is literally related to wind and water and both these elements are the most vital of life’s energy. They symbolize the action of “movement of energy “. In Feng Shui this movement of energy is known as Chi.

The positive flow of Chi is desired for a healthy, happy and lucky life.Negative Chi flow that moves too fast, too slow or is still can be destructive.

Feng Shui provides cures to enhance such conditions to bring a more auspicious flow of energy.The wind chime is an excellent cure for negative Chi and an aesthetic way to enhance positive Chi.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Every other sound in our surrounding environment connects us.Sound encourages behavioral changes and emotions.A human can respond positively or negatively to a certain sound.

Positive sound reduces feeling of loneliness or isolation. Good sound being relaxation to mind and body, reduce sadness and anxiety, lessen stress and anger.

Wind Chimes are believed to recognize “Chi “around you and creating sounds with a positive energy flow and accelerate good Chi.

They deflect Negative Chi flow by eliminating harsh noise or dull sounds in the environment .Wind chimes counter balance chi in your home and in your life.

Wind Chimes – Types & Materials

Positioning Wind chimes according to their material in the correct sections of the bagua of Feng Shui cure negative influences of environmental and surrounding forces.

Wind Chimes are made up different materials like metal , wood , ceramic or glass.

  • Metal Wind Chimes :
    1. Metal wind chimes are believed to attract good fortune for homes and offices . They specialize in dropping down energies in your building or property. Wind chimes made of metal such as steel, aluminum, silver, copper, brass, and bronze produce a very bright sound.
    2. Bad Feng Shui are strong in the metal element areas (Northwest and West).
    3. Hang metal chimes indoors in the west and northwest, the metal areas of your home
  • Wooden Wind Chimes:
    1. Bamboo or different woods are used to make wind chimes . Hollow bamboo sticks produce a gentle, clacking sound when they hit each other diverting bad energy .
    2. Wood Chimes bring in calmness and a sense of security and well-being. Placing wood chime in a child’s bedroom is ideal as it soothes and comforts through soft music. Bamboo is also the recommended wind chime material for outdoor installation.
    3. Bamboo / Wood chimes work best in the southern, south-eastern and eastern areas of your house as the Southeast and East are associated with tree or wood energy, therefore using wood chimes is considered the most effective way to activate the energy of chi in this area.
  • Pottery Wind Chime :
    1. Made of Ceramic or glass Ceramic or pottery chimes can ring out in the west, northwest, southwest and northeast. Ceramic wind chimes can be used in the Northeast (knowledge luck), Southwest (love and romance luck) and center (health luck) sectors of the home. Those are the Earth energy sectors.
Feng Shui Wind Chimes

8 Places to Hang Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Placing a Wind Chime at the entrance of your home or office act as good and effective security system by alerting trespassers and intruders and protect your place.

A wind chime hung by a back door that is directly in line with the front door will prevent all the good chi from rushing right through and out of your house. Wind chimes near a fan or open window keep energy circulating when you are away all day.

  1. Southwest Area
    In the Southwest corner of the living room , hang two-rod or nine-rod chimes, made of either ceramic or crystal. These chimes can help circulate the chi and will attract more people to you, thus increasing your circle of friends.
  2. West Area
    Placing a hollow metal wind chimes in the west area of your home enhance the chances of having children. It also influence positivity in the behavior, health and academic performance of children.
  3. Northwest Area Hang hollow metal wind chimes in the northwest (Bagua – area that is associated with mentors/gurus and social ability) to activate the chi there so that it will attract influential ,inspirational and powerful people who can help you on your success journey. Also by hanging six-rods metal chime doubles the effect , six being the number representative of the element in this sector.
  4. North Area
    To bring Good fortune and Luck in Career, a six-rod metal wind chime in the North sector of Home and office  can be placed. The element of this sector is water and metal is relatable to water.
  5. To Active Still/Stagant Chi
    If the front entrance is blocked by another building, this can cause chi to stagnate and thus causing stillness  in the lives of people living there .As a consequnce , careers, relationships or financial situations get “fixed”.To Bring back opportunites and success , hang a Wind chime at the front entrance.
  6. Clutter or Bestrewn house
  7. Whenever clutter accumulates in your place, it nullify any good or positive effects achieved by using feng shui bringing in Stangant or Still Chi. Placing a Wind chime helps in loosening such chi.
  8. At the Staircase
    Dangle 8, 6, or 5 rods metal wind chime at the end of the stairs to secure your wealth from rushing down towards the main door downstairs.
  9. In Between Doors
    Fixing a 6 or 5 rods metal wind chime in between doors that facing each other in one line

Hanging wind chimes to places where people sit, work, eat or stand everyday should be avoided. As it may result  in head injuries and other illnesses and accidents

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