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Ancient Chinese Coins

ancient chinese coin

History of Chinese Coins

Around 2000 years ago, ancient Chinese coins are used as “Charm” and “Amulet “displays around China. These coins are round in shape and have a square or rectangle cavity in center. Coins are engraved with Chinese calligraphy that has certain meanings. These coins were introduced around 350 BCE.
During the Qin Dynasty, there came a standardised coinage for the whole empire. Through the time, many new dynasties started to produce variations of these round coins throughout the imperial period.
Around the beginning of Han Dynasty, these coins were widely used for paying taxes, salaries and fines.


Chinese Coins – Material

These coins are made by casting mixtures of metals such as Copper, tin and lead or bronze, brass and iron in moulds.
Gold and silver were uncommonly used.

Chinese coins and their Charm characteristics

Usually the coins manufactured during the Han Dynasty have some charm characteristics. Like they have stars, moons , auspicious clouds , sun at the back side of the coins.
These charms have certain meanings. Like a star, was not just meant for the lights in the night sky but have significant meaning of dissemination and spread.
In China , Coins as form of money represented power and for this reason , the major function of coins was to distribute and circulate.
We can also relate the star symbol behind the coins as star-studded sky , distributed in numerous around the world.

coin set-round Chinese

Feng Shui and Chinese Coins

Chinese coins made today are replica of the ancient coins during the Han Dynasty. These coins are often tied with a red thread and sometimes made like an amulet with 3, 6 or 9 coins tied together.
Gifting these Chinese coins to friends and families during the Lunar New year is a tradition in china.These are Feng Shui cures to attract money and abundance in house and workplaces.

Where to keep them?

Always keep the Chinese coins in the money Bagua /area if your house. If you have a drawer that is often used , you can place your coins tassel in there.
They can also framed on the wall near the Book shelf , desk etc.

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