Ceramic Artifacts for your House and Kitchen

If you ever were fantasized by the Asian blue-white porcelain and ceramic home accessories and desire for that artistic appearance in your house and kitchen.

Here are certain elements of “imagination” and “grace” to light up all that boring architecture with these edging artifacts.

Ceramic appliances are glossy, highly vibrant and beautiful pieces to décor your house.

Blue & White ceramic Spheres - Set of 4

(1) Blue White Spheres: Having these Blue – White Spheres marked with Good Fortune, prosperity, longevity and Double Happiness can light up any boring corner.

Origami Elephant

(2)Origami Elephant: Origami Elephant are white elephant sculptures made of ceramic with the modern artistic hint

Crackle ceramic Buddha Green

(3)Buddha Head: Placing Ceramic Buddha statues with the crackle finish to the Spiritual places of your house like meditation room or yoga room are believed to bring peace and serenity to that place.

Electric Guitar MugCeramic Violin Mug

(4)Electric Guitar and Violin Mugs: If you have kids that love music, and be like a rock star, then these mugs are wonderful presents for them.

(5)Contemporary Cats: These Black and white ceramic finish contrasting cats are new artifacts to be added for the spark of modern interior.

Contemporary Cats - Ceramic Contrast Cats

(6)Penguin Pair: This ceramic made penguin pair is a symbol of infinite love and relationships, placing them in the love area of your house increases affection and concern in the relationships.

You can also place this beautiful penguin pair on your coffee table if you don’t own an elegant piece of a table then you just need to visit Dolcevita furniture. They have a wide range of coffee tables that will add the modern look to your decor.

Ceramic Penguin Pair

(7)Yoga Goddess: Placing a Yoga Goddess in Meditation Mudra ( gesture) in the Meditation or Yoga room of your house brings in peace and serenity to the place , hence to the lives.

Ceramic yoga goddess meditationblack

(8)Lucky Cat Mug Set : Maneki Cats are symbols of luck and fortune in Japan. These Mug Sets are cute for the young girls as it has their tails as handles for the mug.

Ceramic Lucky Cat Mug Set of 2

(9)Serenity Hands: Serenity Hands in the Namaskar Mudra (Hands joining gesture) is a timeless and universal accepted symbol of peace, gratitude and compassion . Made from ceramic casting, sculpture has two parts , top section with hands joining and the bottom part is an incense burner.

Ceramic Serenity Hands Incense Burner

(10)Ceramic Candle Holder : These Lotus shaped Ceramic Candle burners are prefect to light up in the dark and to bring in the spiritual and divine feeling in the house.

Ceramic Lotus Candle Holder - Pink
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