Chinese Coins Hanger to attract money

Chinese coins were the metal currency since the 11th century. These auspicious coins represent the powerful union of the earth and the heaven.

The square shape in the center of the round coin represents energy of the Earth while the circle represents the energy or the Chi of Heaven.

Chinese coins are commonly used in Feng Shui as the money and wealth cure.
These coins also prove beneficial in protection and in bringing the good luck to the house.

Chinese coins Hanger

Chinese Coins as Feng Shui cure comes in different varieties like

(1) Chinese Coins Hanger
(2) Money Tree
(3) Lucky Bamboo
(4) Animal statues on pile of coins

Chinese Coins Significance

Chinese coin Hanger

Having a 3 coins tied together with the read thread is a symbol of never ending sources of income.
These 3 coins are symbolic because it represents the union of the Man, the Earth and the heaven.
Chinese coins are used as lucky amulets and when kept in the money area , brings good fortune and abundance.

Hanging Chinese coins amulet on the door is the Chinese tradition to protect the money and wealth.

Coins that are threaded in circular fashion are symbols of the eternal circle of giving.
Chinese Coins are perfect gifts for showing gratitude, to increase employee recognisations , birthdays and house-warmings.

Where these Chinese coins can be placed?

(1) Chinese coins can be loosely kept in the purse , wallet or billfold it near to your cash
(2) Keep it on the Investment files, Cheque books or related business documents.
(3) In the Four corners of the House
(4) May be in the desk drawers keeping important stuffs and documents.
(5) In the Safe where your money and jewelry

Chinese coins Hangers comes in different number of coins and other charms threaded with them.Usually the Eleven-Coin and Ten-Coin Hangers are considered the luckiest ones.

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