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Fu Dogs-Symbol of Protection


In Asian Civilization, Fu Dogs pronounced as “Foo Dogs “are the ancient Chinese Guardian lions.

Fu is a Chinese word meaning “blessing” or “prosperity” .
They are loyal protectors of the Empire as well as their Buddhist temples. Till today, Buddhists temples and many imperial places have these Lion faced Dogs at the extreme entrances.
From the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD220), these symbols were symbols of powerful mythic protective benefits.
In Japanese , these dogs are called as “Komainu”.
Pairs of These Guardian lions are still common decorative elements and symbols at many entrances to restaurants, hotels and many supermarkets all over China.


Fu Dogs Pair Symbolism

These Guardian dogs are usually depicted in pairs. The Male Fu-Dog is identified leaning his paw upon an Embroided ball which represents its supremacy all over the world.
The Female Fu-Dog is depicted restraining a playful cute cub on its back which depicts the nurture and love of a mother.

Fu Dogs for Good Feng Shui

Fu Dogs or simply Guardian lions can be placed inside or outside the house or your workplace as to protect you from evil or bad energies.
They act as Loyal protectors from any malicious intentions of people entering your house.
Placing these Fu-Dogs in your house keeps all the negative “Chi “or evil energies away from your home.
Businesses can place these Feng Shui Fu-Dogs in their places, to attract customers and also satisfy them .Also protect their business from any trouble makers.


Where to place them?

Always try placing Fu-Dogs in the East of your house.
Red Colored Fu-Dogs made from resin or clay is perfect to be placed in the East area of your house.
Metal fu dogs: Place a metal Fu-dog in the South direction of your house or if you have an entrance gate, simply place it there.

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