Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

Japanese Kokeshi Doll Lacquer - Black

Kokeshi are Japanese dolls originated in Northern Japan. These dolls are handmade from different types of wood.
These dolls have been made for 150 years and originally belong to the Northern “ Honshu “, one of the main island of the Japan.
Back in the times , these dolls serve as the toys to the children of farmers.In its Earlier days , Kokeshi were produced by the “Kijishi” .These were the artists proficient with a potter’s wheel , at the Shinchi Shuraku , near the Togatta Onsen in Zao.

From here only, this technique of making Kokeshi dolls spread to other spa areas in the Tohoku region.

These dolls were made during the middle of the Edo Period (1600-1868) to be sold to the people who were visiting the hot springs in the north east of the country.

Japanese Kokeshi Doll Lacquer - Pink

Kokeshi Dolls have no arms or legs, These usually have a cylindrical head and large body, representing little girls.

The body of the dolls is painted with floral designs .Colors like Red, black and sometimes yellow are used, and then covered with a layer of wax.

Kokeshi dolls are attractive master pieces among the Japanese Crafts and culture.
These dolls have been used as an inspiration for the style of Nintendo’s digital avatars called “Miis” , which are further created and customized by the players.

The Woods used for the making of the kokeshi dolls vary. It can be cherry wood or dogwood.

Cherry wood is used for its darkness and dogwood has softer qualities.
Another Japanese Mapel “Itaya –Kaede” is also used for the creation of both traditional and creative dolls .

Such woods are also kept outdoors during season for one to five years before it can be used.
Different regions of the Japan have their unique style of creating amazing Kokeshi dolls to sell it throughout the cities.

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