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Money Turtle in Feng Shui


All over the world, various culture and traditions have considered keeping animals’ and often their statues in their houses and workplaces as a good way of improving the personal and social environment around them.
In Feng Shui, keeping animal statue in houses and offices improves the balance of positive and negative energies or Chi (as they say in Chinese).
In China, there are four divine animals, Turtle, Dragons, Phoenix and Chimers. These animals have their own significance.



Significance of Dragon Turtle



Money turtle or simply called Dragon turtle has the body of a turtle and head of a dragon, has deep roots in Chinese culture and folklore.
Turtles are mystical creatures that are often depicted standing on a bed of coins, representing new business ventures with prospects.
Also most of the dragon turtles have one or many baby dragon turtle sitting on their back. These babies signify new beginnings, fertility and descendent luck.
Since both the Turtle and Dragons are celestial creatures, the combined energies of these Feng Shui guardians are attributes to attract wealth and improve careers.
Dragon is associated with the power, courage and good luck .Dragon is one of the most powerful and auspicious symbol in traditional Feng Shui.
While Turtles are Feng Shui cure to bring in longetivity, stability and security. It also protects our house from evil and bad spirits. They are also associated with the ancient energy of” wisdom of Earth “.
A combination of both these creatures’ energies, the Dragon Turtle standing on a Bed of coins is a lasting Feng Shui cure to attract wealth and prosperity.

Where to place Money Turtle?

Based on Money turtle Material

Money turtle usually are made of metal, Resins, glass, ceramics crystals and sometimes wood.
A turtle made up of any earthen material like mud or resin, Keep it in North East, Center or South West area as these are Earth areas of your house.
A metal turtle should be placed in the North and North West area of your house.
Keeping a crystal Money turtle in South-west or North-west area is the best way to attract good chi in your place.
Wood Money turtle should be placed in East or south-east direction.

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