Rolling lucky cat banks

Rolling lucky cat banks became popular after multiple folk stories about these cats from the story about a cat who saved a poor man from a storm to the man who saved a stray cat and in return blessed with business success. From that time, lucky cats became a popular symbol of luck.
These are Japanese lucky cat banks which are known to bring good vibes around and are appeared during the 17th century – mid 19th century.
rollingLucky cats have golden coins on their shoulder and sometimes on their front symbolizing good wealth and a well hanging around its bow attracting customers.
Lucky cats are also known as “MANEKI NEKO” in Japanese, and these cats have their paw raised, and is commonly seen in Chinese or Japanese restaurants or any Chinatown shop, the reason behind the display of lucky cats there is that they bring fortune to its owner.
In modern era, these cats are made of plastic or ceramic and are believed to be a lucky charm worldwide.
These cats do have different meanings if they have different colors and these too have a way to be faced towards.
People have common beliefs towards this lucky cat as it leads in bringing better luck and success to one.

• In china and Japan lucky cat is believed to bring good fortune, protection, luck and wealth.
• These cats are widely placed on the counters of various shops to prosper the business of the owner.
• A cat raising its left paw is believed to attract customers and the cats with waving hand depict attracting customers.
• A lucky cat must always face the entrance of the home or a shop to attract its visitors.
• Different colors of lucky cats depict different meanings.

A golden colored cat symbolizes financial prosperity.
A red colored cat brings good health.
A blue cat brings travel luck.
A green cat brings academic luck.
A pink cat brings rove and romance.
A white cat brings peace, prosperity and happiness.

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