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Vintage look to your house

If you are someone who loves vintage styling and likes to enhance your house with antique pieces keeping that hint of modern touch. Here are certain tips to re-decor your house without completely changing it.

Adding some vintage items to your home makes it look fresh, unique and more of gorgeous space to live in.

You can also furnish your home with some pieces of vintage furniture, all you need to do is explore Dolcevita furniture.

Giving your house a rustic feel isn’t that expensive, you just have to add little touches of vintage charm here and there.

Here are 6 easy ideas to add vintage charm to your place.

(1)Miniature Bottles:

Miniature Porcelain Bottles are beautiful decorative pieces to add to your cabinet, shelves or mantle area. These bottles are hand painted with classic artistic theme of Asia.
They really give antique feel and look to your house.

Miniature Porcelain Bottles - Blue & White FlatMiniature Porcelain Bottles - Bird & Flower

(2)Artistic Candle holders:

Glass bottles or jars as candle holders, vases or light fixtures can add a state of quaintness to any space.

Glass bottle candle holderSerenity Hand Candle-Incense HolderBuddha Candle Holder

(3)Ancient Tea Pots:

Ancient tea pots and set on the tea table are great way to add vintage feel. Elegant hand –painted ornaments with beautiful nature inspired patterns by skilled artisans is a good way to add that calm yet vintage taste.

Ceramic Blue Floral Tea SetReverse Hand Painted Teapot - Red Flower

(4)Rustic Metallic statues :

A subtle hint of natural, earthy and unrefined metal statues can make a space look lightly rustic and add warm touches to your house.

Hecate Statue-BronzeSMALL DRAGON GONGBaphomet Statue - Bronze

(5)Wood Pieces :

Adding a wooden Wind chime near the entrance door or authentic wood crafts (Longetivity Mirror )to the walls or simply placing a wooden mug or wooden coasters on the table are great ways to add wooden texture in the house.

Wooden Longevity Coasters SetMirror - Wood - Longevity

(6)Ancient Dishes :

Chinese dishes can be great accents around the home.Use them as Wall pieces,or as Candle holders ,they look good with their blue-white prints and add charm to your house.

Blue-White Ceramic Dish - DragonBLUE-WHITE RICE BOWL - DRAGON
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