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White Porcelain Rabbit

White Porcelain Rabbit

Price: $5.00 each
Item :#97545
Make no mistake there is a definite mystery and romance that goes into picking our products. As we gear up to launch the new Fall Product Line I thought it would be fun to share some stories regarding our past product picks. Here is the story of the White Rabbit currently featured in our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as told from one of the owners of our company, Geoff Carroll.
Several years ago, I was walking among antique and curio shops in an old part of Shanghai. I was accompanied by two buyers from an American museum. In a small store that was particularly packed with Chinese curios and antiquities, we immediately noticed a pure white porcelain rabbit, tucked between some old photo albums and a bronze tortoise. We knew we had found something special. We purchased the rabbit and two days later, we returned to our manufacturing office in Beijing. Once there we asked our sculptor to use clay, and recreate an exact scale replica of the rabbit. The clay model was perfect, and we then produced the rabbit for distribution using high quality porcelain.
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