Wooden wind chime

Wooden wind chimes are found by Chinese civilizations in about 300 B.C. At that time, the Chinese were the first one to appreciate the musical properties of wind chime. Chimes were made of wood, bamboo & bones at that time and were called “fengling” and were also known to ward off the evil spirits.
Wind chimes are a very popular feng shui cure at your home can bring happiness and positivity. These are generally made of hollow bamboo wood rods. Wind chimes should always be purchased having hollow tubes.
Wooden chimes always give a sober look to the home and attract a good domestic environment.
Many feng shui chimes comes with traditional symbol.
windchimePeople had enjoyed music of wind chimes from earliest days of civilizations. Wind chimes are also hung around Asian temples & thought to attract peaceful spirits while protecting against evil forces.
These chimes have a set of hollow bamboo rods hung around, and one which is hanging in the mid of all is called ringer which causes the chime to make a musical noise when wind causes it to knock the chimes.
These wind chimes gained popularity in 1970’s when the companies started to produced beautiful and sophisticated chimes with a musical toner available today, in modern markets.
Wooden wind chimes are best suited for growth to the residents when hung in the east zone; brings money when hung in the south east direction; and attracts fame when hung in the south direction.

Effect a wind chime can have on your life

  • A chime with solid rods helps you to Improves health.
  • A two or nine rod chime if hung on the south-west corner of your home can help you to increase your popularity thus increasing your friend circle.
  • A wind chime can bring positivity and happiness to your life.
  • However, hollow rod chimes are also be used by couples who are planning to start a family.
  • Using a wind chime can energize the area where it is hung.

A wooden wind chime not only spread positivity in life but also adds up to the elegance of your home & workplace.

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