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Handmade Bamboo Folding Fan, Made by Popular Artisans

Japanese Fans & Fan Stand

Hand fan is an instrument used for the airflow for cooling or refreshing. Broad, flat surface fan waved will make a small airflow but still can be considered as a fan. Japanese Fans & Fan Stand are shaped like sector of a circle and is made of a very thin material (such as paper or feathers) mounted on slats so that it can be closed when nobody is using it.

Japanese Fans & Fan Stand are round. It is made of silk over a frame. Japanese Fans & Fan Stand are generally made of silk, feathers, paper or leaves. The handles are made of bamboo, sandal wood, or bone. The folding fans symbolizes scholarship.

Japanese Fans & Fan Stand 1

Japanese Fans & Fan Stand 2

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Variety of Fans & Fan Stand

When you talk about fans today, we prefer to the Japanese Fans & Fan Stand, which is introduced to China from Japan. It is said that the Japanese invented folding fan when they got inspired by the bat’s wings. As these fans can be easily folded and carried, it came into fashion very soon and fast. As compared to other types of the fans, these Japanese Fans & Fan Stand are more likely a piece of handicraft which is a great way to green your style. The ribs were made from valuable materials like mottled bamboo, elephant trunk, etc. They are of different shapes and sizes and the different sizes of fans are represented as the number of ribs the fan has, mainly 7, 9, 12, 14, 16 or 18.

They were used in rituals or decorations. The married couples hid their faces behind folding fans at their wedding but painters and writers started to draw pictures or writing valuable quotes on them and displayed them at home. Then people started using it as decorative items. Soon the demand for folding fans decreased because of electric fans and air conditioners. Folding fans are now used by tourists as they carry it with them.

However, the most interesting thing is that it is mostly made of xuan paper or silk. It is beautifully painted and make it look good. If a famous artist is painting the fan, it is worthy of a lot of money. As these fans came into existence and fashion very soon, every women in china and japan started using it as a fashion accessory. These folding fans looks good when they carry this traditional or cultural fans with them. This fans make them look more beautiful and ethnic.

Japanese Fans & Fan Stand 6

Japanese Fans & Fan Stand 7

Japanese Fans & Fan Stand 8

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