Celtic Symbols and their Meanings

For centuries , the Celtic symbols are epitomes of divine powers of nature and God. These Symbols are hard to understand but have deeper meanings .
People who believe in Celtic culture , wear their jewellery and consider themselves to be a part of their life .
Here are some of the Celtic Symbols discussed below :

Celtic cross

Celtic cross:

The Celtic Cross has various meanings in different religions and their superstitions. Most of them associate it with the “Eternal Nature of God “and existence of holy saints and God’s Angels.

It is also said that the cross represents “Christianity “and the circle stands for Celtic representation of eternity, forever and never ending.

The Symbol also relates faith and culture.

Some say that the four ends of cross signifies four directions (North, South, East and West), while some consider them as earth, fire, air and water.

Celtic Tree :

Celtic tree has its relations with the existence of human life in Celtic Culture. Celts believe that trees were the ancestors of Human beings and they have a deeper and maginifient connection to the Other world.

Among all the Trees , The Oak Tree was considered to be the most sacred celtic tree.

The “Celtic Tree of Life “ is represented with its roots spreading out into the Earth and branches touching the sky , depicting the belief – link between Heaven and Earth.

Celtic tree
Celtic triquetra

Celtic Triquetra :

Triquetra or The Trinity Knot is often resembled with the Ouroboros , the ancient symbol for infinity. It is a continuous symbol interjoining lines with no beginning or no end , thus symbolizing an eternal spiritual life .

Celts believe in “Trinity” , meaning everything in the World came in three stages of Life .It could be related to three elements of Life –The  Earth , the sea and the Sky , or Present , past , future.

Celtic triquetra

Celtic Claddagh :

The Claddagh is a  Celtic Symbol having two hands holding a heart crowned on Top. The Symbol got its significance and name with the legend of “Claddagh “ , a small fishing village outside the city of Galway. According to the Legend , a young man , Richard made this ring for his beloved. The heart in the claddagh symbolizes the love Richard longed to share with his true love.

The crown in the Claddagh symbol marks for Richards’ undying loyalty and the hands symbolize friendship, the very first and most important foundation of love, with loyalty holding the two hands together.

Celtic Claddaugh

Celtic Green man :

In Celtic Culture , the Green man is called the god of Spring and the summer. All over Ireland and Britain , this symbol is found their architecture , mostly religious buildings. Also called as “Man in the tree “ , “Derg Corra, Viridios “ and ‘Jack o’ the Green.

The Green  man is the symbol of Rebirth and flourishing vegetation.

Celtic Green man
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