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Celtic Triquetra Symbol Meaning

Celtic Triquetra Necklace

Triquetra is a tripartite symbol made by interlocking three” vesica pisces”, (leaf –like shaped ) marking the intersection of three circles.
The Vesica Pisces is the shape when two circles of equal sizes overlap each other.
The Triquetra holds different meanings and significance in various cultures and traditions.

Triquetra is made in a continuous line interweaving around itself symbolizing an eternal spiritual life, with no beginning and no end.

The Celts believe that everything in this world came in three elements, or in three stages of life. Therefore they have symbols depicting the importance of Triad in their culture.

To the Celts, Triquetra signify lunar and solar phases.
The Celts used to worship moon goddess who has associated with the lunar phases.

Triquetra – Various Meanings

They are also associate many different meanings to the triad, Trinity or Triquetra.

(1)Spirit , Mind and Body : The effect of the symbol is extremely profound on spirit ,mind and body.

(2)Father, Son and the Holy Ghost: Christians believe that the symbol represents the three elements, Father, son and the Holy Spirit (Ghost).

(3)Earth, Air and Water: Many modern Pagans believe it to be the symbolism of natural forces.

(4)Past, Present and future: The symbol is profoundly connected to the past, present and future times of the human life.

(5)Mother, father and child: The three “vesica pisces “together symbolize mother, father and child relation, assure protection and faith.

(6)Creator, destroyer and sustainer: On the Spiritual level, it also symbolize the creator of Life , the destructor of life or the survivor (the sustainer of Life).

(7)Mother, Maiden and crone: Triquetra are believed in creating a connection with the three stages of womanhood: Mother, maiden and crone.

(8)Thought, feeling and emotion: This symbol also balances the equality in the thoughts, feelings and various emotions in our lives.

(9)Other World, Mortal World, Celestial world: The symbol also shows a connection with underworld, upper world and may be any other world.

Celtic Triquetra Medallion Necklace

These days Triquetra are a popular symbol in Jewelry and tattoo designs.
Wearing these jewelry will definitely balance your life .It helps keeping equal impact of Yin and Yang energies in life.

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