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Designer Rings & Earrings

As everybody is fully aware of the fact that women’s are highly attracted towards the jewelry. And among all the accessories of jewelry, Designer Rings & Earrings play an integral part in women’s life.

An earring is a piece of jewelry attached to the ear in earlobe or external part of the ear. Nowadays, earrings are worn by both women and men, more common among women, and have been used in different times in different styles and tradition.

You can increase your brain power through hoop earrings. Usually these are worn in the 3 places on the ear, bottom part, mid part and top part.

The bottom part of the ear is for increasing memory. The mid part increases hearing powers. The top part regularizes hormones and menstrual system in women along with increasing the brain power.

A ring is a round tape, usually in metal, worn as an decorative jewelry round the finger, or sometimes the toe. Other types of rings worn as ornaments are earrings, bracelets, arm rings, toe rings and neck rings but normally the word ‘ring’ symbolizes the finger ring and the toe ring.

Rings are mostly made of metal but can be of any material like metal, plastic, stone, wood, diamond, ruby etc.

Women’s wearing rings with different gems can effect spine, brain, thyroid, and stomach.

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Motif Rings

Motif Rings symbolizes loyalty, strength, and romance. A design that carries recurring shapes or colors. A motif can be seen as a picture, sound, or other figures that have a symbolic meaning. Girls with teenage age like wearing Designer Rings & Earrings as it symbolizes loyalty, freedom and the feeling of love.

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Embroidered Rings

Embroidered rings consists of a pair of concentric circular rings. Embroidery rings come in various sizes, colors and designs. Women prefer wearing embroidered designed rings. Designer Rings & Earrings goes elegant with the western dresses and at the same time, can also be worn with ethnic traditional dresses.

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Adjustable Rings

Adjustable rings are the rings that can be adjusted according to different shapes and sizes. Women should wear these types of rings as Designer Rings & Earrings offers you the great flexibility and bounce. These types of rings can be used by one or more people or can be used for different fingers. These rings are extremely popular among girls as they like modifying or new things on daily bases.

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Buddha Rings

Buddha rings are very popular among the people who worship Buddha. These rings offers the charm and good luck to them. Women’s suffering from bad fortune should try these rings as they are famous for their charm and good fortune. It is believed that these rings brings happiness and prosperity to the life.

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