Wearing Animal Jewelry

Most of us adore ourselves wearing jewelry having designs and patterns of our favorite animals.

Different animal charms and other animal jewelry often predict the kind of personality we possess and our characteristics.
Maybe that’s the reason, our Zodiac signs are animals.

In Asian Countries, different animals have variant symbolism and wearing them; can bring really positive effects in life.
Like some animals are symbolism of abundance and wealth, while others bring in good fortune.

(1) Dragon: A Dragon is a symbol of strength, courage and fortitude. Most specifically are embodiment of magical powers and is considered to be the master and ruler of all the five elements: Fire , Water , Earth , Wind and Void.
Dragon is also the fifth element of the Chinese zodiac.
Wearing a dragon ring or pendant protects you from bad or evil energies , makes you strong from within to face any harsh situation.

dragon ring-animal jewelryDragon Bracelet -animal jewelry

(2) Fish: Since Fish is a Water creature, these creatures are good at explaining our emotions. Wearing Fish jewelry creates a sense of understanding when it comes to our dreams and desires. Wearing a fish charm or totem, makes you seek the depth of Knowledge. It helps you solve the mysteries of the unknown. Fishes are symbolism of fertility, Good luck and Transformation. In Christianity, fish is a symbol of abundance and faith.
In Celtic culture, the fish specifically Salmon, is related to knowledge , inspiration , prophecy and wisdom.

In China, the fish represents fidelity and togetherness .Gifting newlywed couples Fish jewelry is to bless them abundance and fertility to reproduce.

Rings - Fish - animal jewelry

(3) Owl: Owl is often considered to be the carrier of the spirit after the death to the Underworld. Wearing an Owl lets you to explore the mysteries of the unknown and creates a sense of the psychic awareness.

In Indian Culture, Owl is the sacred animal and associated with the Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth and abundance.
So wearing an Owl Totem and charm , bring the abundance of wealth and Intelligence.

Owl necklaceowl bangle
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