Bamboo baskets & bottle opener

Bamboo Baskets and Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers-Decorative Bamboo Baskets

There are various method to use bottle opener and bamboo baskets. Bottle Openers-Decorative Bamboo Baskets are used to decorate the house by keeping artificial things in them and sometimes Bottle Openers-Decorative Bamboo Baskets are also used to keep fruits or vegetables and decorate it on dinning table. Bottle Openers-Decorative Bamboo Baskets are also used to open the cans or cork of bottles. It is used when its out of control for our hands to work, so bottle openers are required. These Bottle Openers-Decorative Bamboo Baskets are very useful in our day to day lives.

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Basket weaving is a process of weaving materials into dimensional art, such as mats, containers or baskets. Artists who are specialized in making baskets are referred as basket weavers.

Bamboo baskets are made from a variety of bamboo—anything that is flexible and can form a shape easily like pine straw, stems, grasses, thread, wooden splints etc.

Bamboo baskets are also called daebaguni. They are made from bamboo canes. They are used for storing things. The size of basket differs according to the usage and importance. Many things are made from bamboo like folding fans, baskets, steamers, boxes, etc.

Sokuri, a round basket with frame is made from thin pieces of bamboo cane. It is used to store food or strain water, but also be used for offering snacks or fruits to the guest depending on the nature of basket. This is very tight when straining water from foods like rice as it will not be able to go out from the basket.

Shino-bamboo baskets are made from local bamboo, collected every year before the snow falls. Every basket is made carefully and by hand, even a well perfect craftsman can also make one or two baskets in a day.

Farmers got engaged in bamboo craft when the agricultural is off-season. Even now, some farmers make baskets for their own house as needed.

Bamboo is the important substitute for the endangered rain forest. Bamboo creates greater area of raw material for use. It is completely used for a wide range of things. The strength of the bamboo, straightness, smoothness and lightness combined with hardness, different sizes, lengths make them suitable large number of purposes. It is known as a natural raw material for making strong and stiff items.
Bamboo decorations gives a beautiful impression to your home. There are various uses of bamboo like:

Adding an elegance to room
Bringing back some memories of trips
Making lamps and tray
Making vases and furniture
For making picture frames

Bamboo decorations are found in many places as bamboo is becoming a popular material with designers as bamboo is affordable and also have health benefits. There are many bamboo decorations available.

Lack of hand strength-use bottle openers

A bottle opener is a device that helps to remove the bottle caps from bottles. It includes corkscrews to remove cork from wine bottles. A metal bottle cap is fixed to rim of the neck of bottle by ruffled round the rim.

Bottle openers are used to open beer bottles or wine bottles. You can remove beer bottle cap with the arm attached to a wine, though an opener is used specifically for that purpose. Bottle openers are made of metal and come as an attachment such as key chain or small knife.
It is a kitchen utensil that allows bottles and cans to be easily opened. It is formed with die cut opening that enables to be angled over a cap so it can easily be lifted up to remove caps from bottles.

Bottle opener also have pointed end that allows to indent a hole in cans. But new bottles and cans have twist off or flip out openings that can be easily be removed by hand.

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