Wooden Chopsticks

A stylish set of chopsticks adds to the beauty of every dinner table.
In Chinese “chop-chop” means hurry up and the word chopstick is derived from the word only.
Chopstick is an elegant utensil, for a more civilized age.
woodenA beautifully packed chopstick in either printed or decorated tubes makes an ideal gift.
Chopsticks are basically created 4000-5000 years ago in china. Chinese ancestors liked to steam or boil food but it was very difficult for them to cook food using spoons so they discovered ‘jhu’ (known as chopsticks in ancient times). Thus, chopsticks became very important tableware in their lives.
These chopsticks can be rinsed and hand dried and are reusable if made from plastic and only if labeled no. 1 through 6.
woodenchopWith an annual estimate production of 45 billion reusable chopsticks, china comes at first position.
Japan uses around 24 billion pairs of chopsticks every year which is equivalent to 200 pairs per person every year.
Wooden chopsticks are safer to use because are made of wood.
Eating Asian food with a fork could be much harder than eating with a chopstick. In fact, these are space saver utensils which also help organizing kitchen drawers.
Use of chopsticks helps developing hand-eye coordination as well and eating with chopsticks slows you down, so you eat less on the other hand gobbling food makes us overeat because it takes our brain takes 20-30 minutes to digest what our stomach contains. So it’s an advantage of chopstick as it avoids overeating.
So, a chopstick regime will make you slow down, thinking about your food more and even you help in losing weight.

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