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Buddha – The One who is Awake

Buddha – The One who is Awake

Gold Buddha & Kuan Yin Head - Buddha Head

The word “Buddha “means “one who is awake”, in the sense woken up to the reality, Gautama Buddha was the one.
Originally a young wealthy prince Siddhartha meaning “the one who has accomplished a Goal “, leaving everything (his name, kingdom and easy lifestyle) behind just to pursue the path of truth seeing the ravages of poverty, old age and disease beyond his palace walls.
Searching for the meaning of life, Buddha became himself a teacher of Life and this is how “Buddhism” came to existence.
His practices of meditation and finally reaching the stage of “Enlightenment” ,Buddha presented himself as a teacher, not as a God or object of worship, but is believed to perform many miracles during his lifetime.

Buddha undoubtedly is one of the most influential figures in the World. His teachings have affected many and will keep on doing in future.
Across the World, Worshiping, believing and following disciples of him is not just limited to philosophies or literature.

“Buddha traveled his entire life until the age of 80, teaching his followers and finally passed away.
His final request of his followers was this: “All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting .Work hard to gain your own salvation”.

Why to keep Buddha Statues at home?

Metallic Finish Buddha - Full Lotus

The Buddha Statues or his images are not physical representations.
They are symbols of his Teachings.
Different Body postures and hand gestures (Mudras) are part of his non-verbal teachings.
Sitting in front of Buddha Statues and practicing Meditation like Praying or incanting Mantras using prayer beads bring in Inner peace and motivation in life.

Buddha Statues for Meditation and Well-Being Life

Resting Buddha

Buddha statues in “Dhyan Mudra” or “Samadhi Mudra” emulate the air of motivation among the meditation enthusiasts. Buddha statues help to focus in meditation and create a positive energy in us.
Keeping a Buddha Statue on the Study Table or Office area also interests your children and you to take part in academic and career related activities.

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