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Chinese Horses-Symbol of Courage and Power


Horse is a powerful, loyal and courageous animal. They have always remained part of armies and military forces all over the Globe.
Horses are really unique animals .They built up strong and lasting connection with humans.

In Chinese Mythology, Horses are important motifs.
Specifically Tang Horses that have major contribution during the era of “Tang “Dynasty. They have played strong roles in the dominance and development of the ancient Chinese Empire.

It is one of the zodiac animals in Chinese Astrology. It is often equated with the Gemini zodiac.


Tang Horses

Tang horses are magnificent creatures, more than 1000 years old and were part of War and battles during the era of Tang Dynasty(AD 618-907) .
A Dynasty of prosperity, Chinese empire development and artistic achievement.
These horse sculpture have arched necks, pricked ears and heavy torso depicting courage, confidence and charm.
Replicating these horses sculptures, many artisans have started creating small, handy horses statues to be kept in house or offices.


Feng Shui and Horse Statues

Feng Shui Element of fire: Horse is the strong symbol associated with “fire”.

Positive Energy: In classical Feng Shui, the image or statues of horses bring in the positive energy of success, freedom and speed of thoughts.

Movement: Horses are often related to “Movement” So placing a horse symbol creates a sense of motion in your lives and activities.

Courage and Strength : Horse represent strength and courage because of their muscular body and being part of many military events.

Good Fortune. Keeping a Horse symbol in your house is a good sign for the speedy arrival of good fortune to you and your family members.

Where to place them?

Keeping any Feng Shui symbols at their proper place of your house gives more beneficial results.

(1)South Area: It is the best location to place your horse statue or painting in the house.

(2)Any energetic opening: Placing a horse sculpture facing any energetic opening of your house, like a door or a window.

How many horses?

For love and marriage Feng Shui cure, Placing a pair of horses in the South West area of your house is a good way to keep love and emotions in relationship.

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