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Hecate Goddess

Hecate Statue-Bronze

In Greek Mythology, Hecate is the Goddess of the Magic, sorcery, witchcraft, crossroads, trivial knowledge and necromancy.

Often depicted holding two torches or a key, she is closely related to the spiritual world, ghosts and the dead.
She is believed to be the goddess of the mist, representing the darker side of the moon or the Harvest moon.
This Greek goddess comes with the three roles, the Guardian of the Household, protector of the newly born and the goddess of the witchcraft.
This could be the reason that her statues are depicted as “trinity” or “three faces”.

From the ancient Greek culture, People place Hecate statues at the home entrances or City entrances so as to protect them from the evil spirits and energies roaming around the world.
Hekate or Hecate , as stated by ” Hesiod” in his Theogany , is the daughter of the Perses and Asteria , finally becoming the granddaughter of Titans Phoebe and Coeus. She is described as the great Greek goddess and a mighty helper and protector of humans .


There is also a temple of Hecate in Lagina , Caria.

There are unusual rituals performed in honor of this goddess like offering foods at the crossroads ,road junctions and similar type of boundary or threshold , called as ” The supper of Hecate”.
These food can be small cake of eggs, cheese, bread and dog meat, often lit with the small torches .A dish of red mullet is also offered.

A Dog (specifically a bitch) is considered to be the sacred animal, often associated with Hecate .In ancient times , she was often depicted with the snakes .
She is typically portrayed on Greek Pottery as a young woman carrying a torch or a key , as a keeper at night and the guardian of the gates of Hades , Therefore She is the deity of the Dark and the night.

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