Laughing Buddha statues, different Postures and their meanings

Laughing Buddha statues, different Postures and their meanings

We just love keeping Laughing Buddha statues at our home or offices. They come in different sizes and with a variety of hand gestures and postures.

Laughing Buddha is the symbol of Abundance and Happiness. People keep laughing Buddha at their places as it is believed to bring in wealth and prosperity.

Laughing Buddha also known as “Hotei” or “Pu-tai”, is a jolly monk who keep on walking rev around the village and places, always laughing, and thereby making others happy as well.

He is a bald monk with a big fat tummy and often depicted carrying a sack, a bowl , fan or just praying beads in his hand or hanging from his neck.

Many believe that Laughing Buddha makes problems to go away. He keeps up the happy environment in the house and circulate happiness in people’s lives.

Rubbing the fat belly of the laughing Buddha is a way to make him see your wishes, doing it with a positive attitude and see how your spirit and mind uplifts.

All these different postures and things have various symbolizations. Lets unravel their meanings now.

  • Laughing with Children on its back: Legend tales say that laughing Buddha loved kids and was surrounded by children . He gave him snacks or sweets from his sack.

So a Laughing Buddha statue with children symbolizes the blessing in all areas of life and enhance positive energy in the home and workplace.

(2)Laughing Buddha with a sack: A laughing Buddha with a sack is believed to take away all your worries from you and stuffs them in his bag making you happy.

(3) Laughing Buddha with a fan : A Laughing Buddha with a waving fan  depicts fanning away troubles away from life and bringing in joy.

(4) Laughing Buddha with Beads in his neck: Beads represent pearls of wisdom and a way of meditating in life like a monk.

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