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Pig Symbolism

Pig statue

Ever wondered how piggy banks got their name! Then here is the answer.
In ancient times, Pigs are symbols of abundance, wealth and strength. That’s why Pig sculpture is used to store money as savings.

Around the world, in many religions and culture, pigs have played absolute roles.
In Ancient Celtic, Egyptian, Native Americans and Chinese culture, they have distinctive symbolism.
Celts have a deity called “Moccus “,often identified with the Roman God Mercury .Also a metal pot or cauldron overflowing with cooked pork (meat of Pig /boar) as one the attributes of the Dadga( a god in Irish Mythology)

In ancient Egypt, Pigs were related with Set (the god of the Desert, storms, evil, chaos, disorder, violence and war) .Set was the rival of the Sun God –Horus.

Blue-White Ceramic Piggy Bank

While in Buddhism, the Buddhist Wheel of Existence has a black pig representing one of the Life’s three poisons –Greed, Bitterness and Delusion.
Also in Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, Marichi is a deity or bodhisattva associated with the light and the sun. This deity is depicted riding a chariot pulled by seven savage boars or sows.

In Hinduism, God Vishnu took the avatar of “Varaha” –a Wild boar or sow to save the Earth from a Demon who tried to drag her in the bottom of sea.
In Asian culture, they are thought of as benevolent animals symbolizing hard work, trust and loyalty.

Unlike these, most religions consider them as Unclean or dirty animals. May be for this reason, Jewish, Islamic, Muslim and Hindus don’t not eat them.

The Pig is often looked as a laid-back animal that not easily attack or made aggressive.

Cinnabar Zodiac Necklace - Pig

Pig – Chinese Astrology Sign

In the Chinese Zodiac, the people born under the sign of Pig or the Boar are the World’s humanitarians.
People born under the astrological sign are predicted to be always involved in Charity and helping others to make the World a better place in some ways.

Pig – Celtic Animal

In Celtic tradition, the Pig and the Wild Boar symbolize the bravery, riches and all types of fertility.
That’s why the Celts have Boar’s bristles a major significance.

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