Three Immortals in Life

The sanxing or three stars , who are Fuk ,Luk and Shou are three Chinese gods of wealth and called as three Immortals representing longevity , fame and fortune.
These immortals are based on the belief that these three wise men represent the specific celestial energies who exist to help and benefit the humans.
Fuk – First Immortal
The Chinese representation “Fuk” is a symbol of good luck , health and happiness . This man is depicted holding either a scroll or a child. According to popular belief, Fuk is a popular personification of planet Jupiter , associated with the energy of good luck and Auspiciousness.
The Child is a way to symbolize that goodluck transmits to future generations and Scroll is importance of one to have knowledge and habit of learning.
Luk- Second Immortal
The Luk is the Chinese representation of stability in one ‘s life. Therefore often connected with someone’s official salary . The character is connected to the fame and success of an individual Financial life.
It is a symbol of abundance holding either a ru-yi , the symbol of power and authority or simply a golden ingot , a popular wealth symbol.
Shou – Third immortal
Shou or Sau means longevity in Chinese.This third wise man is depicted with a very high forehead and a big warm smile on his face.
Often holding a staff , oldest of the three depicting longevity . He also holds a peach considered as a symbol of immortality.
Where to place them?
These three statues or pieces are placed in a row in a specific order.
Left is always Fuk , carrying blessings and goodluck energy . luk is placed in center with the promise of financial stability , fame and success in life. Sau Or Shou is placed to the right of Luk , always smiling , giving blessings of longevity and peaceful life.
Placing them in areas of high visibility and good energy , like a high table in the living room will give beneficial results in your lives.
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