Ancient Celtic God and Goddess

From the ancient times , the Celtic religion has various different forms of God and Goddesses .These have their own significance and presence in nature depicting life and death.

Hecate Goddess - Celtic God

Hecate :
Hecate or Hekate means “ worker from afar “ from the Greek word “hekatos “ . Hecate is a goddess in Ancient Greek religion and mythology , most often holding twin torches or a key.
She was the goddess of magic, witchcraft , night , moon and the necromancy.
In Greek culture , she is said to be the only child of the Titanes Perses and Asteria , and thus inheriting majestic powers over Heaven , Earth and the Sea.
She is also said to be the goddess of Crossroads.

Modern devotees call torch , dagger , robe or the key and sometimes snake as her symbols .Holding twin torches in her hand symbolizes “Bringing light into the darkness.” A sense of divine Light and Illumination. Sometimes Hecate is also linked to the Helios. Hecate is a goddess to bring divine fire to the Humans.
Sometimes Hecate is holding a fruit , not clearly shown may be an apple or pomegranate , and fruit is the symbol of fertility , blessings and nurturing behavior of Hecate.

The early Hecate is shown around a central pillar or around three – pillars connected to a central pillar, and pillar was the symbol of fertility and sacred tree.

Hecate Goddess - Celtic God

Baphomet Statue

The modern Baphomet Statue is a goat-headed diabolical idol and Celtic God having a torch between horns which depicts the “The torch of Knowledge “and it glorifies the pursuit of Knowledge.
Baphomet in modern Interpretations, is illustrated as a synonym to Satan or a demon , a member of the Hierarchy of Hell.

Baphomet God - Celtic God
Baphomet God - Celtic God

Horned God

In Celtic Tradition and religion , Cernunnos or  simply the “Horned God “ is the God of fertility , life ,fruit,nature,grain ,wealth and the underworld or Hades.

It is mostly associated with the horned animals like the Bull , stag and  a ram –headed serpent.In Julius Ceaser , Cernunnos was associated to Roman underworld God Dis Pater. Cernunnos is considered to be the ancient Celtic God of fertility. He is giver as well taker of Life , light and darkness.

Horned God - Celtic God
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