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Angel Charms

angel charm

Angels are the good spirits that occur in many mythologies and beliefs .They are associated with the celestial beings who are intermediates between the God , Heaven and the Earth.
They are often called “Guardian Spirits “ who guide people on Earth , protect them from evil spirits and help them communicate to God.
Often depicted with Long wings at their back, Robes in their hand or with an illumination of pink, white or any bright color.
Different Angels of God serve different purposes.
While in Christianity, they are seen as messengers of God reaching Earth.

Gifting an Angel charm to a friend or relative protects them from evil and wrong practices.
These charms are wonderful gifts for your dear and loved ones. Giving them these remind them of how much you care and love them.
It is also constant reminder of how you believe in God and his Angels.
But one thing for Sure, Angels are present to protect us and our lives on Earth.

Why do People wear Angel Charms ?

Angel Wings Jewelry is very special accessories. They have deep spirituality and meanings associated with them.
The symbol is off course, related to Angels who symbolize protection, affection and harmony.
Angels act as source of happiness and inspiration.

Zadkiel - Angel Charm

Zadkiel Angel Charm

Archangel Zadkiel is an Angel of Knowledge and forgiveness. He is often known for helping students in remembering facts and figures for tests.
The angel who takes away pain and suffering.

He also helps you remember your divine spiritual origin and missions in life.
Zadkiel – the Angel of Compassion, love and forgiveness.

Archange Zadkiel is a healer of mind and soul , who inspires you to find your way in times of darkness and take in charge of your own happiness.
He also helps you release anger and feelings of victim ,heals you emotionally and help you recollect memories of happiness in your life.

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