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Bells and Gongs Significance in Tibetan Buddhism

bells and gongs

According to the Tibetan Buddhism , ringing the holy bells and Gongs have always been the matter of showing affection towards the “Buddha “ and all the Bodhisattvas .This is a ritual of accumulating positive karma.

The bell is a representation of “wisdom”. Ringing the bell is a method to evoke Wisdom and show compassion.

Bells , Gongs , Tibetan Bowls or Wind chimes and other such sound instruments are symbolism of Good luck and Spirituality all over Asia.

Small Dragon Gong - Bells and gongs

These instruments have the capacity to rejuvenate the place with their pleasant sounds and create a happy spiritual atmosphere. Therefore used as a Feng Shui cure in many areas.

All over Asia , these instruments can be found in their religious places like Temples and are believed to attract peaceful spirits while protecting against the evil forces.

From the Early Buddhism days, Buddhists have adopted Bells and Gongs into their rituals and holy practices , and can be found hanging in temples, caves , pagodas and Shrines.

Buddhists believe that the sounds produce by these instruments have the capacity to transform all the occurring and experience into a more en-lighted perspective.

Bells and Gongs are symbols of Spiritual Authority of the Peaceful deities.
The Holistic sounds produced by these instruments have the power of destroying the Delusion , waking you up from the desires and unrealistic expectations that causes sufferings in life .

Hinduism – Bells and Gongs Significance

Bell - Double Dragon-bells and gongs

In Hinduism , the curved body of the Bell represent “Ananta” meaning infinite –something that is limitless or endless.
The Clapper or Tongue of the Bell represent “Saraswati” , the goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge.
The handle of the bell represents “Prana Shakti” – a vital power associated to many other Hindu Goddess Hanuman , Garuda or Nandi(Bull).

The Hollow of the Bell represents the “Void” from which the phenomena arise , together with the Clapper and Handle , they symbolize Wisdom (Emptiness ) and Compassion (Form or Apperance).

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