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Elephant Statues in your Home

elephant statue

In Feng Shui, keeping animal statues or sculptures are always the best idea to attract the positive chi and bring in the Good luck to your house.

The Elephant is the sacred animal in Indian as well as Buddhism culture.
In India, Lord Ganesh has the face form of an elephant and is the God of happiness, wisdom, intelligence and power.

While in Buddhism, Elephant is associated with the Buddha himself.

Asian always believe elephants to be the symbolism of fertility and the beholder of divine dignity.
The elephants are wonderful creatures, they live in group, are powerful yet calm at heart.
Buddhists believe it to be among the celestial creatures and one of the sacred treasures of the Buddha.

Elephant statues Pair

Feng Shui and Elephant statues

(1) Feng Shui Protection

Many feng shui practitioners believe that having elephant sculptures at home always bring in good luck, prosperity and success in house.
It is an auspicious symbol and can be placed in major sections of your house, energizing that area.

Placing Elephant statues facing the entrance of the house, temple or any entry ways acts as guardian to our places.
People also believed that it provide stability and wisdom to the house or the company, by protecting the company from bad fortunes.

Maternal Elephant statues – Set of 2

(2) Good luck and Prosperity

Elephant statues are their trunk up allowing the good chi or energy to free flow in the house.
These statues are also the attracters of good fortune, prosperity and success luck.
Keeping elephant statues at your workplace are also good options to gaining strength in career, grants luck and success in businesses.

(3) Fertility

Keeping Elephant Statue Pairs in the love area or bedroom of your house are symbols of fertility. These statues also promote love and faithfulness between couples.

(4) Wisdom and Knowledge

Elephants are the sacred animals that are highly intelligent and calm creatures. Having this characteristic, Keeping elephant statues in Children’s room or the study area of the House.
Placing elephant sculptures in the Meditation area or room is also a better option for calming the soul and mind.

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