Foo Dogs – Guardian Lions

Foo Dogs – Guardian Lions – Things that you should know about Foo Dogs

Foo DogsFoo dogs are really Chinese Guardian Lions. It is Westerners who named them Foo dogs. Some additionally call them Fu dogs. However, others may call them Buddha dogs.

The Chinese will regularly allude to them as Shi which implies lion. In Japan, Foo dogs are known as Komainu.

Meaning of Foo dogs

Foo dogs which are set inside or outside a building are intended to shield your home or work environment from negative vitality. It is said these gatekeeper lions will prevent anybody with vindictive intensions from entering your home.

Foo dogs are a suggestion to keep all negative vitality far from the home.

Numerous workplaces, shops, lodgings, and eateries may put these Chinese watchman lions outside on either side of the passage. They are accepted to ensure their business. They are intended to draw in cheerful and fulfilled clients and keep inconvenience creators away.

These Guardian Lions are an image of force and security. They can be found in all nations where the Chinese have settled. They are presently housed in a great many homes. Foo dogs are sold in all sizes to fit everybody’s need.

Why are they called Foo dogs?

Foo dogs may allude to the Chinese word Fó alluding to Buddha or Fu which implies gift and success. Fu is an exceptionally promising word in Chinese.
It appears to be some idea these stone lions looked like the Chow canines and began calling them dogs rather than lions. That truly got on and they are broadly known as Foo dogs or Fu dogs.

Foo dogs began outdoors

Standing sentry before temples, palaces, and homes of the tip top, Foo dogs were first made of stone and could be very gigantic! These noteworthy brutes, with their completely open mouths as though in mid roar, implied that the place they were guarding was a vital one and positively offered delay to anybody going to enter. It was just much later those smaller, more compact adaptations were created.

Foo dogs share some symbolism.

While Staffordshire dogs began in nineteenth century England, as Foo dogs they were utilized as images of security and status. Staffordshire dogs were frequently discovered flanking the fireplace in well-to-do British homes, and were strikingly comparable in posture and scale — I can’t resist the urge to think about whether they were at all impacted by these antiquated gatekeeper statues of China.

Foo Dogs

Foo dogs are meant to be in pairs

  • Foo dogs are dependably displayed in sets. You require one male and one female Foo dogs. This needs to do with concordance and fulfillment.
  • This is to keep adjust; the Yin and Yang. The female and male supplement each other.
  • Continuously keep the two together. Never put them in isolated rooms.

Significance of two Foo dogs

Generally it is said that the male ought to be set on the right side of the building and the female on the left side. That would be the point at which you remain outside and look towards the passageway. Remaining inside and watching out you ought to locate the male to your left side and the female to your right side.


Male Foo Dogs

  • The male Foo dogs can be perceived as the one laying his paw on the ball which may speak to the world.
  • The male is the Yang.
  • He secures everything outside.
  • He is defender of the building itself.
  • He is power and matchless quality.


Female Foo Dogs

  • The female Foo canine is appeared with one paw on an offspring.
  • She ensures each inside the home or house.
  • The female is the person who likewise secures the general population who lives or work in the house.
  • She is the Yin.
  • She speaks to empathy and support.
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