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Longevity Symbol Meaning

double happiness trivet - longevity

The Chinese culture has always loved the idea of bringing longevity and good luck in their lives. For this, they have symbols that characterize the various qualities of creating a good aura of love, happiness and good luck in our home and offices.

Traveling to China, One will be encountered with so many symbols that represent different energies and perspectives of how one lives life.

Longevity is actually recognized as attaining one of the five blessings – long life , wealth, health , love of virtue and peaceful death .

To represent Longevity, they usually have a symbol called “Shou”.
Shou” is the character that got his name from the God “ Shou – Hsing” , who was worshipped as the Controller of the Human destiny.

Mirror - Wood - Longevity

The Shou got its origin from the ancient Taoist Philisophy , a philosophy that speaks of the true connections with the nature.

They show the relations we have with our surroundings, and for them it’s a true way of attaining the enlightenment. Inspired by such realizations of “Shou – Hsing ”, Shou symbol is easily connected with harmony and happiness.

Wooden Longevity Coasters Set

The “Swastika” or “Wan” in Chinese is often shown with the “Shou” character and thus holds its auspicious significance.

Other than the Shou symbol, There are ten more symbols representing the longevity that the whole universe wish for, a healthy long life.

Not just Chinese, there are several Korean Arts including ceramics , furniture , embroidery and metalwork , that have impressions of the longevity symbols in the artwork.

Pine Tree , sun , Crane , Water , Cloud , Mountain , Deer , Mushroom , turtle and Bamboo are other symbols of longevity.

Gifting a Shou Symbol is a very popular wedding gift in Asia . It is a way of showing affection and bless the newlywed to celebrate a long and abundant life together.

This motif is found depicted so many times in Chinese Art and architecture , everyday products like trivets, lanterns , pottery , decorative items or clothes, and almost everywhere.

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