Meditation – a way to Find ourselves

Meditation is the act of focusing your consciousness to one thing and its way of finding your inner self.
From the Ancient times, Meditation is the fruitful way of stabilizing our mind. You can practice yoga to find serenity & also to release emotional energy. It’s a spiritual practice of keeping you and your life in ethical discipline.
Meditating everyday keeps increasing our minds functionality, while being done in process, we start discovering our true potential.
The true potential of the human mind and awareness.

Many religions and meditation practitioners have their own way of doing meditation.

Types of Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist meditation is of two types – Analytical and Concentrative.

In Analytical meditation, people use their logical powers of reasoning, examining the teachings to find ourselves.
Find the truth, clear the doubts and come to a clear and unshakable conclusion to the things the way they exist.

While in Concentrative Meditation, People focus on the mind and focus on a mental object until the mind can rest effortlessly on that object for hours and even days at a time.

How to Practice Tibetan Buddhist Meditation?

In Buddhism, they have various forms of practices. Like In Tibetan Buddhism, One way of doing the meditation is by keeping Buddha Reflection in soul and mind, with a “Dhyan“or “Samadhi” Mudra (gesture).

Meditation Water Bowls - Dragon Pattern - Large

(1) Tibetan Meditation Dragon Bowl: This Dragon Water bowls is toned in a similar way of singing bowls.
Fill the bowl with water, wet your hands, rub them firmly on the brass holders and the bowl will sing in low pitched tone.

The sound vibrations in turn disturb the surface of the water small sprinkles of water rise from the bowl.
The water splashes to your face and higher the splashes, the longer the longevity is on Earth.

(2) Meditation Gongs and Chimes: Meditation Bells and Chimes have always the primary tools for beginning and ending meditation sessions.

These Gongs produce a resonating healing sound that surrounds body , calm the mind and relax the soul , making you reach the deep state of meditation to find inner peace and zen.

Small Dragon Gong - MeditationIron Dragon& Phoenix Bells - meditation

(3) Prayer Beads: Using Mala beads or Prayer beads for meditation is simple .These beads are made of plant seed, wood and animal bone, which are carved or shaped into rounded beads. Traditionally these were made of “Rudraksha”.

In Tibetan Culture, prayer beads are made from carved bones signifying connection and necessity for compassion during our time in this world.
While wooden beads are symbolism of connection with the earth and this way we connect to the ground energy during meditation.

Malas Beads-Wood for meditationMalas Beads - Onyx for meditation
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