Money Frog – A Feng Shui Cure

Feng Shui is way to decorate your house or workplace with Feng Shui practices and Products so as to maintain the positive energy and the negative energy balance in environment.
In Chinese, “Chi “is the word for “Energy”, so Feng Shui is all about creating Good Chi.
Not just to balance evil and good chi , Feng Shui products and their proper placement related to “Bagua” has proven to attract health , wealth ,prosperity and Good luck to us and our dear ones.

Money Frog

Money Frog in Feng Shui

Money Frog or “Chan Chu “ or “Jin Chan” as said in Chinese is a symbol in Feng Shui to attract money and abundance in your house or workplace. They are also called as wealth frog, good luck frog, fortune frog or simply money toad.
In many cultures, frogs are considered animals of spirituality.
In Christianity, The three stages of frog evolution i.e. The Egg, the tadpole and the amphibian evolution is a symbol of spiritual significance.
In Ancient Chinese stories, they say Jin Chan was a greedy wife of one of the eight immortals, who was punished to transform into toad for stealing the “Peaches of Immortality”.
In china, the frog is a symbol of Good luck and money. Also called the protector of your wealth and act as guardian against bad luck.


How does it look?

Money frog is usually depicted as mythical Bull frog with three legs and red eyes Because of their flaring nostrils; they are termed as bull frogs as well.
Often holding a coin in his mouth, money frog sits on a pile of Gold coins or ancient Chinese coins.
On its back, there are seven diamond spots symbolising the Big Dipper or the Plough, an important role player in Chinese Astrology.


Where to place them?

Identify the Money Bagua of your house and place Money Frog there.
Placing your money frog near the main door is a good idea, but never positions it in way that it faces the entrance; it should always look inside the house.
Living Room is the best place in your house to place your money frog. Never place them directly on the floor, keep it on some raised table or stand.
Since the Money frog is the symbol of “Flow of Money “, Feng Shui insists it to not to place facing the main entrance or Door.
It should also not to be placed in low energy areas like bathroom, bedroom, dining room or kitchen.

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