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Prayer Beads – How to use them ?

Malas Beads-Jade

Prayer is a way to feel and believe in the presence of God.Prayer is more of direct communication to God, to share our emotions and desires and to build a fellowship with God.
Prayer can be silent or audible, formal or informal, public or private.It is an instrument to show faith and trust in the existence of God. Prayer Beads serve the basic purpose of reciting and counting specific prayers and incantations.

Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity or Islam, they all employ prayer beads as part of their religious practices.
Simply called as Rosary beads are used during meditation and orison.
The English word “Bead” is derived from the Anglo – Saxon words bidden (“to pray “) and Bede (“prayer”).In Sanskrit or Hindi, it is called “Mala “. Prayer beads are tied in a holy thread, connected with Bell and Dorge at the end of thread.

Types of Prayer Beads

Prayer Beads are usually made of Stones, shells,wood or clay. The number of beads varies by religion.
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For Example: In Islamic Prayer beads, called as Misbaha or Tasbih, they have 99 or 33 beads.
Buddhists or Hindus use “Japa Mala “which has 108 beads or they count 27 four times.

Malas Beads-Wood

The Sikh Mala also has 108 beads. The Baha prayer beads have 95 beads or 19 beads, with a strung connected with five additional beads below.

Roman Catholics use rosary beads with 54 beads and additional of 5 more beads. However Eastern Orthodox Christians , use a knotted rosary with 100 knots .

How to use Prayer Beads?

Generally, each strand consist larger and smaller beads. They vary in length from 4-5 inches and can vary up to 17-18 inches.

Holding onto the very first large bead, called the Heart Bead, recite the first line of your poem and think of God, your day and that moment.

Then continue to move to the second large bead, incant the second line of your prayer. Keep on repeating the process.

Finally coming back to the “Heart Bead” , this time make promises or fill up emotions and thoughts to connect with God.

Malas Beads - Onyx
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