Rings – Spiritual Symbolism and beliefs

Many people Wear Spiritual ornaments like rings , earrings and pendants as part of their cultural beliefs and traditions. In Asian culture, wearing Buddha, Dragon and other spiritual animals jewelry is a huge trend, equally depicting their strong beliefs.

Why one should wear Rings?

Rings are meant to be worn on the ring finger, have a deeper meaning and related to the divine energy.
These are worn to attract divine consciousness which creates pressure on the finger and eliminates obstacles of bad , or evil energy.
It is also a way of applying acu-pressure one’s finger.
It is said that Men should wear rings on their right hand while women on their left hand.

dragon rings


A Dragon is a symbol of fire, wisdom, energy, serenity and power.
May be this is the reason, people prefer wearing dragon rings as it passes through all walks of life.
Wearing Dragon rings can be a style and fashion statement for youth and Middle Ages people, while older believe it to be a symbol to bring in prosperity and success in life.
Dragon rings are kind of energy generators, bring the calmness in the mind and give that spiritual strength.

In Asian countries, these are worn by business man, newly married couples as engagement rings and others.

dragon rings

Why wear Dragon Rings?

There are many Symbolism of dragon that makes them wear as a jewelry

Dragon are believed to be lived long, hence wearing a dragon symbol marks for “longevity.”
Any particular event, where dragon rings are used, would be characterized by longevity; therefore it’s a good reason to have dragon rings for married couples for longer married life.

Dragons are symbol of protection and security. Therefore wearing dragon rings protect both wife and husband from bad things and grant them a secure life.

(3)Love and Affection:
Dragon Rings due to its longevity and protective nature are great gifts to show love and affection to your loved.

buddha rings


Wearing Buddhist jewelry like a bracelet, earrings or rings are most common forms of Buddhist auspicious symbols.
Buddhist jewelry can be a skillful means of depicting the spiritual qualities like compassion and tolerance.
Wearing Buddha images is a reminder of doing Buddha-like activities in all our daily lives.
It enhances our certain qualities like to be more patient, control on our speech, be kind and to cultivate mindful thoughts of peace and violence.

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