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Serenity hands and Buddha

Serenity hands and Buddha

“Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance” – Gautama Buddha

The word serenity means the state of being calm, peace and untroubled. It is the symbol of gratitude and compassion. People all around the world are in pursuit of peace and happiness. The practice of serenity meditation aims at developing a calm, concentrated, unified mind, as to experience inner peace and as a basis for wisdom.

There are various objects of meditation and attainment of serenity. Buddhist believes in Serenity meditation. They say it is a unique practice of discovery of the Buddha and us.

Serenity Hands and the Namaskar Mudra

Serenity can only be achieved by meditation but there are certain symbols that when kept in house or office also creates quiet and peaceful environment.
When hands are joined, the gesture or the “mudra” is called “Namaskar”, the mudra of greeting and adoration. This mudra is often called as “Anjali “mudra as well. It’s a hand action to greet the other being with great respect and adoration


Serenity hands and the Varada Mudra

Other way of showing the greeting and respect is keeping your right hand straight to your heart level and the left hand on the lap when sitting cross-legged on floor.
Keeping your right hand close to heart is related to deeper spiritual connections and to believe that we all are expressions of the same light.
The left hand gesture is actually “Varada “Mudra meaning Compassion, sincerity and Wish Granting. It also expresses the energy of liberation and an offering of acceptance. Usually the palm of the “Buddha “is depicted carrying a mandala or any sacred shape, this expresses that the powerful energy is emanating from an enlighted being through his hands.


Serenity hands and Buddha

Gautama Buddha himself is the epitome of enlightenment.
These statues are combinations of various “mudras “having several different meanings.
When these hands are joined together, they form a “Namaskar” Mudra.
While the Buddha statue inside the left palm is in “Varada” holding a vessel is a powerful symbol of energy enlightenment.
In right hand palm is “Dhyan or Samadhi Mudra “Buddha that promotes the energy of meditation, deeper contemplation and unity of thoughts.
So, together, this statue is a complete symbolism of eternal serenity and compassion to be kept in house and office for peaceful and happier surroundings

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