Significance of the Flower Lotus (Padma )

The flower Lotus or Padma as called in Sanskrit holds sacred values throughout the Asian countries prominently India , China and Japan.

In Hinduism , Dieties like “Vishnu” ,“Lakshmi “ , “Saraswati “ , “Kuber” and “Brahma” are represented holding Lotus flower in their hands .
People believe Lotus as the representation of divine beauty and purity.

The unfolding petals of the Lotus flower mark the expansion of the soul.
It depicts the growth of the pure beauty from the mud of its origin holding a benign spiritual promise.

Many of the Asian Deities are represented being seated on the Lotus flower .

Padma or Lotus is also the symbol of wealth and prosperity , therefore the divinities of potency and wealth (Lakshmi and Brahma) are shown holding or sitting them.

While in Buddhism , the Lotus flower is one among the “Ashtmangala “ of Buddhism .
Here the lotus represent the creation and cosmic renewal , also combining with the “primodial purity”.
The lotus also has its significance in the “Chakra” and “Mandala” symbolism of the Dharamchakra.
The Padma is held to the flower with a thousand petals and is therefore associated with the “Sahasrara” and ultimately to all the chakra.

There is another popular legend about the “Gautama Buddha” that says Gautama Buddha was born with the ability to walk and everywhere he stepped , lotus flowers bloomed.

In Buddhism , it symbolize the purification of the Body, Speech and the mind , as rooted in the mud , its flowers blossom on the long stalks as if they are floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.

In Buddhist Art , a truly blooming lotus flower signifies the enlightenment , while a closed bud represents the time before enlightenment .

Lotus also represents “Faithfulness” .Rising above the mud to bloom requires great faith in oneself , and to have full faith in Buddha’s teachings.

Lotus Colors Representation

The White Lotus represents “purity of mind and the spirit”. Red Lotus refers to Compassion and love.
The blue lotus depicts common sense, representing wisdom and logic to create enlightenment.
The Pink lotus is the reminder of the Buddha and the historical legends of the Buddha.
A purple Lotus speaks of the Spirituality and mysticism.

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