Weeping Buddha

Weeping Monk -weeping buddha

Story Behind the Weeping Buddha Statue

The statue of the Weeping Buddha displays Buddha in a Bent over position, covering his face with his both hands.
Behind this statue, there is an ancient legend about the two warriors who fought with each other in many battles.
In one such war, both were fighting and neither of them was losing the battle.
As an aggression continued, the older warrior losing his wits killed the younger warrior.
When he removed the mask of the Dead warrior, he was presented with the face of his son.
The grief and pain of killing his son landed up in complete torment and misery to the father, forced him on the ground.
Crying in agony, the father buried his face in his hands of what he had done.

Weeping Monk in a Bag - weeping buddha

Symbolism of Weeping Buddha

The symbol of Weeping Buddha symbolize that Buddha is crying for the suffering of the World and his angst for the persistent sorrow in our lives.
Rubbing this Buddha statue’s back gives peace and strength. They are believed to take away your pain and be a source of happiness and joy in our lives.
Holding his head in his hands, the statue signifies to share your feelings and grief with him.
Weeping Buddha is a sculpture representing a sense of introspection of one’s self, own mind.
Not the physical introspection, it’s the mental analysis of our true being.
Another Symbolism of Weeping Buddha is for a Shy Yogi, who assumed this “weeping” position to be the best pose to awaken the third mystical eye.

Why to keep Weeping Buddha at home?

It is believed that weeping Buddha takes away trouble that’s inside your mind, heals all the pain and grief buried down, and gives you strength to live a happy and loving life.
He is also believed to bestow peace and love in our lives.

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